Darius Rucker's 'Charleston, SC 1966' hits stores October 12, and the singer is anxiously awaiting feedback from the fans who purchased more than a million copies of his country debut, 'Learn to Live.' Darius' sophomore album has 13 new tracks, including 'Might Get Lucky,' which he co-wrote with Radney Foster.

"Radney and I were writing one day ... We wrote one song, and then we started 'Might Get Lucky,'" Darius tells The Boot. "We got through the verse and the chorus, and then he went in and finished it. Radney demoed it, and you know how big of a Radney fan I am. Radney doesn't just demo it with vocals and guitar; he whole-band demos it! [laughs] I'm not kidding! I'm telling you, I kept listening to this thing four or five times a day because it's such a great demo. When we went into the studio to record it, I kept wanting to sing it like Radney had, because I heard that demo for so long. I loved all the little phrasings he did and that Texas twang that he's got."

What did Radney think of his buddy's final version of their tune? "He called me the other day when he heard it, and he was real happy with it," Darius says, grinning. "He was real, real happy with it. To me, it's an honor to have a Radney song on my record."

Upon completing the project, Darius decided to borrow a page out of Radney's book when it came to titling the album. "Before I named the album 'Charleston, SC 1966,' I called Rad and told him what I was doing and why I wanted to do it," Darius explains, referring to Radney's debut album, 'Del Rio, TX 1959.' "I wanted to make sure he was cool with it. I think he liked it."

When Darius stops to think about how far he's come with his career, he still has to pinch himself on a regular basis. What an privilege to call your musical heroes on the phone, and be able to also call them your friend.

"You never think that is going to happen, but it's been really cool over the years with mine and Radney's friendship and just knowing him," Darius notes. "Radney, Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, John Cowan and Nancy Griffith were all people who were staples that I listened to every day. These guys were always on my CD player, and now I'm friends with them and they're the coolest people."

Darius is currently out on the H20 World tour with another new friend of his, Brad Paisley. His first single from 'Charleston, SC 1966' is 'Come Back Song,' which is closing in on the top spot on the country singles charts.