Radney Foster's first solo album, Del Rio, TX 1959, got the singer's post-Foster & Lloyd career off to a roaring start in 1992. In addition to back-to-back Top 10 hits, "Just Call Me Lonesome" (No. 10) and "Nobody Wins" (No. 2), the disc produced three more singles. It also inspired longtime Radney Foster fan Darius Rucker to title his own sophomore solo album Charleston, SC 1966 as a tribute.

On August 14, Radney will return to his classic (now woefully out-of-print) album by releasing Del Rio, Texas Revisited Unplugged and Lonesome, with acoustic renderings of the above-mentioned tunes as well as the remaining nine tracks from the album released originally on the Arista Nashville label. Those tunes include "Easier Said Than Done," "Closing Time," "Hammer and Nails" and more.

"These songs are still real to me," says Radney, who has over the past several years also enjoyed incredible success as a writer of tunes by Keith Urban ("I'm In"), Sara Evans ("A Real Fine Place to Start") and the Dixie Chicks ("Godspeed"), among others. "They take on different meanings because it is 20 years later, but the stories still resonate."

Dixie Chick Martie Maguire was among those who joined in on the recording of the new disc. "I don't do a lot of sessions but I was so flattered when Radney asked me," says the Texas-raised fiddle player. "I actually had the original Del Rio on cassette and it's one of the handful of records in my life that I really, honestly wore out. When I went back and listened to the tunes, I knew all the words and chords. This record sounds very Texas in the chord progressions and the licks and these songs feel like how I learned to play fiddle. I felt very at home."

Del Rio, Texas Revisited: Unplugged & Lonesome is Radney's ninth solo album. It will be released on August 14 on Devil's River Records.

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