Per a review by The Hollywood Reporter, Jim Jarmusch's quirky take on zombie film tropes, The Dead Don't Die, will feature a spooky new song by iconic singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson. Press play above to watch a clip.

The film, out June 14, includes a plot point about a fictitious Simpson album. One preview clip shows co-star Selena Gomez purchasing the CD, also titled The Dead Don't Die. It's not a real album, of course, but there is a title track by Simpson that'll apparently add a sense of urgency to the film's final scene.

Gomez co-stars with Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton and Jarmusch film regular Bill Murray. They're joined by a diverse cast of musicians, including Simpson, Tom Waits, RZA and Iggy Pop.

It's not Simpson's first foyer into film in recent memory. He stars in the CBS All Access original series One Dollar--a gig he jokingly called a "mid-life crisis" during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Myers. Furthermore, in early 2019, the singer revealed that he planned to step back in front of the cameras for a role in Queen & Slima romantic drama that follows a black couple as they face a life-threatening situation on their first date and have no choice but to go on the run. That film is set for release in November of 2019.

Simpson teased new music that's "definitely not country" on a March 2018 episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, adding that his next release will likely be a double album. Hopefully, The Dead Don't Die sheds some light on this sonic evolution and brings us the first of many new songs.

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