Eastern Kentucky-born and Nashville-based artist Brit Taylor's official music video for her latest single and upcoming record's title track, "Kentucky Blue," premiering exclusively today at The Boot.

The song's video features footage from esteemed photographer David McClister taken during the recording sessions for Kentucky Blue at Nashville's historic Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa. A blue hue and kaleidoscope effect were later added in by editor Patrick Brumback, further elevating the song's somber, Kentucky-fueled flavor.

Watch the music video for "Kentucky Blue" below.

With heavy lyrical inspiration from Loretta Lynn's 1965 song and album Blue Kentucky Girl, "Kentucky Blue" channels the spirit of vintage country breakup songs to craft a tale that's just as hopeful as it is somber. According to Taylor, the co-write with Kimberly Kelly and Adam Wright resulted from the trio's discussion about the difference between past and present-day country heartbreak songs. The pair concluded that the contract came from the lack of ego running through those older tunes.

"Heartbreak songs nowadays are more 'I'm gonna key your truck' or 'I'm better off without you anyway,'" Taylor tells The Boot. "Those emotions are valid, but at some point, you also hit rock bottom and really want that person back even if deep down you know they're not good for you. I wanted to write a song in that headspace instead that puts the ego aside and longs for somebody."

Despite its lyrical ties to Loretta, "Kentucky Blue" has a Glen Campbell meets Bobbie Gentry aura, thanks to the song's mix of Appalachian and California country sounds. This confluence of styles is best displayed during the chorus as Taylor sings, "Kentucky blue / that's where I've been since I lost you / and as far as I can see / 'till you come back to me / I will be Kentucky blue."

"Kentucky Blue" is the second single off the David Ferguson and Sturgill Simpson-produced album of the same name due out Feb. 3, 2023, on Taylor's own Cut a Shine Records.

Brit Taylor

Brit Taylor, Kentucky Blue Track List:

1. "Cabin in the Woods" (Brit Taylor, Jason White)
2. "Anything But You" (Brit Taylor, Adam Wright)
3. "Kentucky Blue: (Kimberly Kelly, Brit Taylor, Adam Wright)
4. "Rich Little Girls" (Kimberly Kelly, Brit Taylor, Adam Wright)
5. "No Cowboys" (Nick Autry, Adam Chaffins, Brit Taylor)
6. "If You Don’t Wanna Love Me" (Brit Taylor, Adam Landry, Adam Chaffins)
7. "Ain’t a Hard Livin'" (Pat McLaughlin, Brit Taylor)
8. :Love’s Never Been That Good to Me" (Jerry Salley, Brit Taylor)
9. "Best We Can Do" (Brit Taylor, Pat McLaughlin)
10. "For a Night" (Pat McLaughlin, Brit Taylor, Cliff Audretch)

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