When he's on stage, Sturgill Simpson is the boss -- and he's not afraid to let fans know it. The singer-songwriter took charge and kicked out not one but two pairs of fighting fans during his sold-out Halloween night concert (Oct. 31) at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium.

The first incident occurred during a stirring cover of Roy Orbison's "Crying." Simpson was none too pleased that a couple of fans wanted to get into it during the tune -- especially because it's not exactly a song that gets your blood boiling.

"How the f--k can you guys possible be thinking about fighting when we're singing this song?" Simpson said, addressing the rabble-rousers, to loud cheers and applause from the rest of the audience.

Simpson stood with his arms crossed atop his acoustic guitar, watching things progress, and when the melee didn't die down, he ordered security to escort the fans out.

"F--k that. Now you're fucking with my time," he said from stage. "Get them all out!"

Press play on the video above to watch the in-concert moment -- and hear Simpson pick back up with his Orbison cover as though nothing had happened.

When another fight started later on during the show, Simpson dealt with the trouble-causers in a similar fashion.

"You guys want the f--kin' mic or what? Seriously ...," he said. "I can't wait 'til all these flannel shirt / beard motherf--kers figure out I'm not like them."

Press play on the video below to see Simpson break up the night's second fight. (Be forewarned that both videos contain NSFW language!)

Halloween wasn't the first time that Simpson has dealt with fighters in his crowds. Back in January, the artist humorously addressed someone who was getting a little too rough-and-tumble at a concert in Kentucky, much to his audience's delight.

Simpson's Halloween show at the Ryman was one of three sold-out concerts at the Mother Church during his 2015 Living the Dream Tour.

Watch Sturgill Simpson Break Up a Second Fight at the Ryman Auditorium: