Sturgill Simpson's recent performance on 'Conan' raised a few hairs due to his singing the word "godd--n" during his song 'Living the Dream.'

The song, off of Simpson's album 'Metamodern Sounds in Country Music,' includes the line, "I don't have to do a godd--n thing except sit around and wait to die," and although not everyone tuning into the show appreciated his use of the word, Simpson stood up for his lyrics in post to his Facebook page.

"Been some folks coming to my page to chastise (judge) me for taking the Lord's name in vain on Conan so figured I should address it," he writes. "Ironically, the song is actually a metaphor comparing the soothing yet completely addictive and damaging effects of hard narcotic opiates to the negative sociological impact of organized religion and blind faith when forced upon society and used as a political tool by self-righteous, thinly-veiled bigots to control and manipulate the masses and enhance the suffering of impoverished, lower class citizens."

Simpson also points out that he's not a typical country artist -- he's avoided the industry big wigs on Nashville's Music Row in favor of releasing his music independently -- and that means he can do whatever he wants.

"I have the right to write and sing and say whatever I choose just as you have the right to not buy or listen to my music and stay away from my page if you don't like it," he writes.