Country singers shared plenty of new tunes to dig into this week! Read on to get all caught up on what's new, and find your latest weekend jam.

Shovels & Rope, "Mississippi Nuthin'":

Shovels & Rope's newly released song, "Mississippi Nuthin," is a fast-paced song about the role reversal of two imagined characters, each with a desperate desire to strike it big and become rich and famous. In the song, one character passionately tries to plea with a one-time friend about an idea that he needs help investing in. For his part, that down-on-his-luck old friend responds by singing about his current situation: “You're on a winning streak / Well I got laid off last week / I got a plan that's gonna turn it all around / I got ideas, I got ideas / No one knows,” they sing. “Mississippi Nuthin’” is from Shovels & Ropes upcoming By Blood, which is set for release on April 12. -- CC

Bailey Bryan, "Perspective": 

Bailey Bryan’s “Perspective” -- the second track off of an upcoming EP -- is an inspirational song about love. Although the track might be about falling head over heels, Bryan was sure to avoid cliches: “I’d rather sound like the biggest weirdo in the world than put out something sappy … it’s just not me,” Bryan explains in a press release. “And the reason I like this one so much is because it really captures the core of what I think real love should be: something that reflects back on you and makes you see yourself in a different, more positive light. It came from a place in me that I didn’t even know existed. It’s my version of a love song and the first love song I’ve ever written.” Bryan wrote “Perspective” alongside Fancy Hagood and Joe Ginsberg. -- CC

Caroline Spence, "Who's Gonna Make My Mistakes":

Caroline Spence has released another new song off of her upcoming project, Mint Condition. “Who’s Gonna Make My Mistakes” is an easy listen that paints a vivid image of Spence wandering through a bar, easily justifying every mildly questionable choice. Spence sings about her decisions in the introspective, mid-tempo track: "I tell myself I know what I'm doing, even if I'm doing it wrong / I tell myself that I am looking for answers / Just something to put in a song / But who's gonna make my mistakes if I don't / Who's gonna take me, take me back home," the song reflects. Mint Condition, a project that features a collaboration with Emmylou Harris, is set for release on May 3. -- CC

Dylan LeBlanc, "Renegade":

Dylan LeBlanc has shared the title track off of his upcoming release, Renegade. In the haunting new song, LeBlanc sings about a woman who is trapped in an unhealthy relationship with the “rhinestone king of LA.” As the song progresses, it appears as though the song's narrator didn't just sit back and watch the relationship crash and burn: Instead, he couldn't help taking matters into his own hands. “Police car radio howling out an A.P.B. / Some bad motherf---er and they say he looks a lot like me / The shots rang out into thunder / And now you want to get outta here,” LeBlanc sings. Renegade is a 10-track album that is expected to be released on June 7 through ATO Records. -- CC

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