Sarah Jane Nelson's new video for "I Wish I Missed You" may have retro vibes, but the sentiment behind the song is anything but. Throughout the video, which is premiering exclusively at The Boot today, Nelson prepares brunch in a rockabilly Barbie Dream House. It's a brunch for one, and that's how she likes it.

“I have made my career writing break-up songs and was influenced by the great classic country and folk ballads I was raised on," Nelson tells The Boot. "This song is different though... It’s about going through a break-up and feeling peace instead of pain. You know in your gut that it’s the right choice for all, and there is a unique sadness in that."

The song is the latest single from Nelson's upcoming album Shelby Park, out April 29. Nelson grew up in a loving home, with parents who sang '60s pop duets around the house and took their kids on annual pilgrimages to bluegrass festivals. When her parents' marriage broke up in her teens, Nelson turned to country music. After graduating from high school in Monroe, La., Nelson won the Miss T.E.E.N. USA pageant and life brought her to New York City, and to acting. Nelson settled down, got married, and moved to Nashville, turning back to country music after her own marriage ended.

All of those experiences are channeled into the video for "I Wish I Missed You."

"When it was time to create something very stylized, I found an amazing location in East Nashville called House of Adora. It has this incredible pink porch and pink kitchen and I was inspired to do something with a 1950s theme. My mom was a hairstylist in her youth and specialized in updos, so I let her go to town with my hair for this video. I made my first Jell-O mold and found some retro TV dinners and lined the plastic dish with foil to make it more authentic."

Nelson hopes that the video, shot and edited by fellow musician Jeremy Burchard, is uplifting.

"I hope the end result leaves the viewer feeling empowered, sincere, and hopeful as I was when I wrote this song."

Watch Sarah Jane Nelson's music video for "I Wish I Missed You" below:

Shelby Park was recorded at The Rukkus Room and Monster Studios in Nashville and produced by Sarah Jane Nelson and Jamie Tate (Taylor Swift, Thomas Rhett & Justin Moore). Nelson was the solo songwriter on seven songs and paired up with co-writer Kenny Foster for three additional tunes. She also co-wrote "Mama Loves You," the heartfelt love letter from mother to child, with fellow single mom and East Nashville songwriter Katie Boeck.

Shelby Park will be out on April 29. You can find more information about Nelson's music and upcoming tour dates via her official website.

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