Sam Outlaw has released a music video for "Trouble," one of the songs on his sophomore album, Tenderheart. Readers can press play above to watch the clip, which plays more like a short film than a country music video.

In the "Trouble" music video, after a short sequence of opening credits, a dark-haired seductress takes center stage. The woman proceeds to spend the entire video having things her way -- from stealing some wheels to skipping out on the check at a small diner.

"I was at home trying to get some sleep last night / When I awoke, there was something evil in my mind," Outlaw sings in the final verse of "Trouble." "Looked a little closer, what do you know / It was you just smiling saying, 'Baby, let's go'"

After a series of cons, the woman ends up at one of Outlaw's show and appears to pick the singer as her next target. However, the video leaves viewers hanging as to whether Outlaw is as easy to take advantage of as the other victims.

Outlaw's "Trouble" music video was directed by Chris Phelps. The director filled the clip with quintessential images of the West -- old convertibles, neon motels signs and endless deserts -- seemingly influenced by Outlaw's Los Angeles roots.

“For all intents and purposes, LA, or Southern California, and this vibe is still more home for me than any other place could be considered home,” Outlaw tells The Boot. “There is a vibe out here and an aesthetic that I just think is so special and so beautiful, and it kind of just sinks into your blood … Even though I’m gone a lot now, this is my home, and it’s in my blood and it’s certainly in my heart, and when you’re writing music, the stuff that you write that somehow gets from your heart into your head to your fingers to the guitar out into the world, that comes from whatever’s deepest inside you …”

Tenderheart is available for purchase through

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