"SoCal Country" singer Sam Outlaw has announced the release of a new record on Nov. 12. Popular Mechanics will be the singer’s fourth release since his debut in 2015, following studio albums Angeleno and Tenderheart and the EP Hat Acts.

Popular Mechanics is inspired by, as its name might suggest, a mechanical engineer — Outlaw’s father, to be exact. The idea came following a visit from Outlaw’s father, when the artist began to connect the dots between industrial machines, technology and recorded music. Outlaw then narrowed his focus on the '80s music he grew up on.

“I’ve always loved ‘80s music,” says Outlaw, “so I started learning about the engineers and music producers from that time. It was a time when the producer and the recording engineer were as critical to the creative process as the artists. Those producers pushed the technology to achieve their creative vision because their inspiration was not so much the music of the past, but the possibilities of the future."

Outlaw lists Kenny Loggins, Cyndi Lauper, and Tom Petty as some of his influences for Popular Mechanics. Though its sound is a diversion from his first two studio albums, Outlaw explains that it’s still a reflection of who he truly is.

“Up until now, the music I’ve made only really shows one side of myself," he says, "but I put my whole heart on the line with Popular Mechanics.”

Full album details are below. Fans can hear one track, "For the Rest of Our Lives," now.

Sam Outlaw Popular Mechanics
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Sam Outlaw's Popular Mechanics Tracklist:

1. "Here on a Mission" (Sam Outlaw)
2. "Popular Mechanics" (Sam Outlaw, Cheyenne Medders)
3. "Half a World Away" (Sam Outlaw)
4. "For the Rest of Our Lives" (Sam Outlaw, Steven Fiore)
5."Sun Ain’t Set" (Sam Outlaw)
6. "Polyamorous" (Sam Outlaw)
7. "Stay the Night" (Sam Outlaw)
8. "Bad Enough"(Sam Outlaw)
9. "Language of Love" (Sam Outlaw)
10. "Daydreaming" (Sam Outlaw, Cheyenne Medders)
11. "When You Feel It" (Sam Outlaw, Sean Van Vleet)

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