Last year, CMT named rising Canadian country star Sacha one of 10 artists in the Next Women of Country Class of 2021. On her new single, "We Did," the talents that earned Sacha her spot are on full display.

Sacha's vocals are electric, matching the spark of the young love she's signing about. The track pulses with a rhythm not unlike that of a racing heart as she sings the opening verse: "I smell the rain on the grass / Mixing in with the wind and my perfume / In that old Pontiac / Pushing the limits and breaking curfew / I wrote your name in graffiti / Small town star on the bridge / You made falling so easy."

The quintessentially country imagery could pave the way for a trip down memory lane, but "We Did" is not the kind of love song that gets stuck in the past. This is a present-tense love, and the track celebrates the sparks that last. Before the triumphant chorus, Sacha pulls us into the present moment, singing, "Even now when I kiss your lips."

When she launches into the chorus, Sacha's vocals are bold, just like the love she's singing about. In the lyrics, there's something both ordinary and irresistible in the scene she sets for us: "The stars start falling like heaven is crying / We're laying on the hood with the thunder and the lighting / We didn't know any better / Wouldn't care if we did / Didn't know we had forever but we did." 

The new single is also the title track to Sacha's brand new four-track EP, which was released on Friday, Feb. 4. You can find more information on Sacha, her music and upcoming touring plans via her official website.

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