Russell Crowe took a break from filming a movie in Vancouver to take the stage with fellow Aussie and good friend Keith Urban during a surprise performance at Rogers Arena. The Oscar winner took the lead on acoustic guitar and provided vocals on a cover of Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues,' while Keith supported him on electric guitar. [Watch a fan's video of their performance below.]

"We don't usually do this, but a friend of mine happens to be in town shooting a movie so he's here tonight ... give it up for Russell Crowe!" Keith announced to a packed arena Monday night (Sept. 26). Crowe is filming 'Man of Steel,' the latest Hollywood take on Superman, playing El-Jor, Superman's biological father.

Fans went wild until, according to the Vancouver Observer, Crowe dissed the weather and the crowd went cold. "It's my first time in Vancouver. I must say, it's a beautiful town, but my god you have some bad weather!" he said.

Based on the screams in the video below, it sounds like the muted crowd forgave the studly superstar with the strike of his first chord.

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