Austin, Texas-based, classically trained musician turned Americana artist Roxi Copland is sharing the new video for "I Come From Crazy," and The Boot has the exclusive premiere.

According to Copland, the title track from her latest EP was born out of divisiveness amongst her family throughout the pandemic — particularly with whether or not to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

"There was a lot of friction among my family members when the COVID vaccine came out — several of them were convinced that taking the vaccine would make you sterile or spontaneously combust — just absolutely nutso stuff,” Copland tells The Boot. “For months I was trying desperately to convince my parents to get vaccinated, and after one particularly heated conversation with my mother, I hung up the phone thinking 'I come from crazy'. That line made me laugh a little for some reason, and I felt like I either had to laugh or cry at that point. So I went with laughter and sat down at my piano.

"The song came together pretty quickly from there — I think because I was just pouring a genuine experience that I was actively living out onto the page."


In the playful video, Copland meanders through a desolate desert, even taking time to ride a boulder as if it were a horse and trying to plug a pair of headphones into a cactus — all while singing about her crazy family. This includes everyone from her daddy’s momma ("She taught me how to pour her whiskey / when I hit her knee") to her grandfather (“He showed me how to change a flat tire / but much more important / how to set things on fire”).

Then Copland flips the script onto herself on the song’s chorus as she sings “I come from crazy / it’s sad but it’s true / and if I’ve been drinkin' / ain't that much I won’t do / I might have fooled the rest / even fooled myself too / but I come from crazy / not that that's news to you.”

The multi-talented singer-songwriter released her I Come From Crazy EP on April 8 and and currently has multiple shows booked across Texas in support of the project. You can learn more about Copland by visiting her official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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