Randy Houser had obviously learned a few lessons about how to write songs that are both deeply personal and hugely successful. The recipient of a recent BMI award for penning one of country music's Top 50 Songs of the Year ('Boots On'), Randy will share some of the things he's learned when he appears on the weekend version of NBC's 'Today' show, airing Saturday, November 13 at 8:00 AM (ET).

In an exclusive segment titled 'Secrets of Songwriters,' Randy takes 'Today' co-anchor Amy Robach inside the 'man cave' of his Nashville home, where he writes frequently. Many of the tunes on his current album, 'They Call Me Cadillac' were crafted in this unique location.

"Sometimes I'll be sitting on this couch and the words will come from out of nowhere and pop into my head," says the singer-songwriter. "I'll grab a pen and paper and the lyrics will start coming almost faster than I can write. Other times I'll draw blanks and leave a song incomplete and not pick it up again until I'm inspired by someone's story I hear out on the road."

Taking a look at how ideas are born and how the songs are created in the studio, Randy will include personal revelations about his latest single, 'A Man Like Me,' and will also speak candidly on the subject of how others often inspire songs such as 'Here With Me,' the powerful ballad that came about after an encounter with military personnel while performing on a USO Tour in early 2010.

Earlier this year, Randy spoke on the record with The Boot about his father, who, although he died when Randy was just 21, had a profound effect on Randy's songwriting.

"My dad wasn't the biggest role model, but he was a great musician and I loved him very much," Randy said. "He was a character. I think a lot of the reasons that I write a lot about him is because I feel like there's such a piece missing. I feel like he was such a big part of me musically that there's a big piece missing with what I do today. I always feel like he was here to see it, but, obviously, I think he is, but I can't have that immediate interaction with him. That's constantly in my thoughts, and I write about it a lot."

'Secrets of Songwriters' airs tomorrow morning (Saturday, November 13) during the 8:00 AM (ET) hour of the 'Today' show.