Not many people have grown up in a smaller town than Randy Houser did. His Mississippi hometown, Lake, has a total population of 406. For geography buffs, Lake is located between Jackson and Meridian.

"I'm looking at the population [online]," Randy tells The Boot, "and it says in July 2007 there were 406 people -- 188 males and 218 females. So it looks like 30 males are getting double their share!"

One might think Randy would be the biggest celebrity to come out of this small southern town, given the fact that he's had two huge country hits -- 'Anything Goes,' and 'Boots On' -- giving him some serious bragging rights. But Randy says there's one person from Lake who just might be more famous than he is.

"I have to tell you about the mayor of the town when I was there," Randy says with a laugh. "This is a funny story. My little sister's class had a Lake Field Day one day. And Billy Jenkins, at the time, was the mayor. My mom was telling me about this, because I had moved on ... and Billy Jenkins was a friend of mine. They went on this field day, and they were taking the kids around to all these places in town. So they met the mayor -- Billy Jenkins. Then the teachers were taking them to the volunteer fire station. Well, they get to the fire station and there's Billy the fireman. He had his fireman hat on. So when they leave out of the fire station, they walked over to the little jail. There was Billy the sheriff's deputy. This is the same guy, now. This is how many hats he wore. He's the sheriff deputy and the jailer. They walk outside and in the same building as our little sheriff's office there's a library -- yep, there's Billy. You can't make this crap up. And then Billy also owned the rodeo arena where we had horse shows, and he also owned the used car lot. So I guess Lake should be renamed!"

While Billy Jenkins may wear a lot of hats, unlike Randy, he's never been nominated for a CMA, ACM and now a CMT Music Award for his 'Boots On' video.

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