Randy Houser may come across as a nice guy, but even he admits he has a mean streak, especially when it comes to his bank account!

"I actually have had to throw a bar stool," he told Austin radio station KASE. "One time they wouldn't pay me, so I decided to take a bar stool -- and they had all their whiskey lined up -- and I decided, 'Well if you ain't gonna pay me, you're gonna start losing money too. It got kind of ignorant," he said with a chuckle.

Randy, who was an aspiring artist for several years before landing his record deal, says his newfound fame has resulted in people reemerging from his past, including old girlfriends. "I had an ex-girlfriend text me last week that I've been broke up with for almost 12 years," he said. "She needed her lights and water paid, and she didn't have any insurance on her car either. For some reason, my name happens to come up. I don't know why you think I'm making any money. That bus don't put fuel in itself!"

He may not be bringing in the big bucks yet, but Randy is certainly grateful for the experience. His single, 'Boots On,' is rapidly climbing the charts. "It's been really exciting to see this thing grow that fast," he says of the feel-good song. "Being a brand new artist, to have a song even in the Top 15 is a big feat ... but to see this thing go Top 5 is really cool."

Randy is gearing up for 'CMT On Tour '09,' along with good friend and writing partner, Jamey Johnson. For tour dates, click here.