RaeLynn found the perfect place to debut her new song about love and marriage. On Friday (Oct. 7), the recently married singer released a romantic new song, "Diamonds," via the popular wedding website the Knot.

"Diamonds" praises love and marriage and the power of a diamond ring when it's "on the right left hand" and symbolizes a love that will last: "Love is just a word 'til you feel it and finally understand / That some things don't mean anything 'til one day they mean everything," sings RaeLynn in the song's sweet country chorus. "And you're flying, smiling and shining / Kinda like diamonds."

"Diamonds" is certainly a departure RaeLynn's recent single "Love Triangle," but both songs were inspired by real life. The 22-year-old singer says that "Diamonds" was inspired by her engagement to Josh Davis, whom she wed in February.

"The day after I got engaged, I was looking at my engagement ring and how beautiful it was," RaeLynn recalls to the Knot. "And all I could think about was how much Josh meant to me — and that this ring would just be a ring without him. What makes it so special is it sealed a promise to the man I love for the rest of my life."

"Diamonds" is one of 12 tracks that will be on RaeLynn's debut album, WildHorse. The project is set for release on Dec. 2. Fans can pre-order the album and learn more about the singer's upcoming tour dates on her official website.

Listen to RaeLynn, "Diamonds":

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