Miranda Lambert's latest single, "Vice," only recently made its debut, but the country superstar has had the song in her back pocket for almost exactly a year. In a new interview, the singer admits that her new tune was written right around the time of her divorce from fellow country star Blake Shelton, and she opens up about the tune that's about “owning her s--t."

When Lambert released "Vice" on July 18, the lyrics caught listeners' attention, especially in light of the difficult divorce she and Shelton went through last summer: “Another vice, another town / Where my past can’t run me down / Another life, another call / Another bed I shouldn’t crawl / Out of at 7AM with shoes in my hand,” Lambert sings during the song’s chorus. “Said I wouldn’t do it but I did it again / And I know I’ll be gone tomorrow night / Another vice.” Lambert penned "Vice" with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, and she tells the Tennessean that they wrote the song "“in exactly the moment that I felt exactly like this.”

“I wrote this at the exact time of the s--t hitting the fan,” Lambert explains. “I think it’s great, though. It’s documented on paper with emotion.”

Though she doesn't specifically say what her vices are, the Tennessean states that Lambert claims "a couple" as her own.

“Everybody has a vice of some sort,” she says. “Sometimes when you’re going through something in your life, you may run to some things you shouldn’t and run from some things you shouldn’t. I think this song is an opportunity to just be honest and own it and say, ‘Yeah, I have some imperfections, and I live a life, and here and there I might get in a pickle.’ It’s not about one thing or another. Everybody has a vice they run to when they need comfort, and I think that’s what this song says. There’s no mystery here. I run to things for comfort just like everybody else.”

"Vice" debuted at No. 19 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart (a career high for Lambert), and it served to affirm what the artist has been working on since her last record.

“I wanted to make sure that what we’ve been hunkered down doing is relevant,” Lambert says, noting that her new record, expected to be released in the fall, is full “of whatever emotion you wake up and feel that day.”

"It’s no different than any other record I’ve made, except my story changed a little," she adds. "My platform has always been, ‘Be honest, say what you want to say.’ That’s no different on this record."

In addition to being her first new material since her divorce, "Vice" is also Lambert's first song since her big move from Oklahoma to Nashville. She believes that the move to Music City was a positive for her craft.

“It’s been a really cool journey because I’ve lived in Nashville for the last year almost now,” Lambert says. “I’ve been able to write so much more than I had before, just not being on the road constantly and moving from Oklahoma. All my friends [in Nashville] are songwriters. We’re either hanging out and accidentally wrote a song or we had it set up, so I probably wrote like five days a week for five months straight.”

Lambert's been keeping busy amidst album preparations, on her 2016 Keeper of the Flame Tour. “Vice” is available for download on iTunes.

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