She's certainly one of Hollywood's sexiest stunners, and now Gwyneth Paltrow is considered a Music City beauty, as well. The 'Country Strong' star leads Maxim's list of the Hottest Women of Country Music.

"Gwyneth does her own singing as the troubled lead character in 'Country Strong,'" the men's magazine reports. "She does a much better job than Clint Eastwood in 'Honkytonk Man.' And looks far hotter, to boot."

The magazine lists 13 country music beauties, from rising stars to superstars, and ranging in age from 21 to 45. Following Gwyneth are Taylor Swift, Jessie James, Julie Roberts, Shania Twain, Julianne Hough, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Gloriana's Cheyenne Kimball, Miranda Lambert, Sara Evans, Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott and Sunny Sweeney.

This isn't the first time Nashville's celebrities have been noticed for their good looks. Carrie sizzled on both People's list of 50 Hottest Bodies last year, as well as Fitness magazine's list of Best Celeb Bodies. Taylor and Julianne were named to People's 2010 Most Beautiful List, and Shania came in at No. 1 last year on Hello! magazine's list of Most Beautiful Canadians.

Check out The Boot's own picks for the Hottest Women Over 40 in Country Music here.

Gwyneth Paltrow Sings 'Country Strong'

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