Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Mary Bragg teamed up with indie-folk artist Erin Rae for her latest release, "In the Light," a stunning track that ruminates on what it means to truly see another person.

Bragg and Rae gorgeously meld their voices on the track, which the two women also co-wrote together. In an Instagram post, Bragg applauds Rae's "gorgeous vocals and perspective." While each of their voices retain its own distinct character, both exist in a delicate, hushed state that sounds like reverence. Meanwhile, Josh Kaler's subtle electric guitar and bass work add texture and an aura of sorrow to the song.

The lyrics ask important questions about how we perceive those we love. Bragg sings, "When you get to know me will you see what you desire?"  This, she suggests, is something that's easy to do. She goes on to sing, "In the dark it's easy / Falling for what you admire / But shadows fail in the light."

"In the Light" is a song that insists upon truth, upon the casting away of shadows, anchored by the tender beauty of Bragg and Rae's harmonies. As the song nears its end, the lyrics become more sparse, until Bragg and Rae are left taking turns vocalizing the song's title. The effect is mesmerizing; like the sensation of light falling on skin.

Take a listen to "In the Light" below:

"In the Light" follows Bragg's warm and uplifting single "Please Don't Be Perfect," which she released in December. You can find out more about her music by visiting Mary Bragg's official website.

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