Whether you're looking for break-up songs, road trip songs, blissfully high-energy love songs or messages of inspiration and hope, there's a brand-new country song out there that's sure to make your weekend a little brighter. Read on to check out the latest releases in country music! 

Maggie Rose, “Change the Whole Thing”

Maggie Rose’s “Change the Whole World” is an optimistic song about trying to leave the world a better place. In the cheerful track, Rose explains that people don't have to set out to overhaul the world with enormous undertakings; instead, they can aim to do their own small things to make a difference. Rose sings, "Well, I ain't tryin' to tell you what to do / Lords knows I got a lot to learn myself / But it's getting harder watching you / Putting that heart of yours through hell / The world wasn't broken in a day / And it ain't gonna stay this way forever / But you ain't gotta change the whole damn thing / You just gotta leave it a little better." -- CC

Haley & Michaels, “High Note”

Haley & Michaels' newest single, “High Note,” is fueled by break-ups, living in the moment and rock ‘n’ roll. In a press release, Ryan Michaels explains that the inspiration for the song came from the Desert Trip festival, at which he got to see some of his biggest musical influences -- including Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones -- perform. After the concert, he immediately called Shannon Haley about the incredible experience, and the pair later collaborated with their friends Phil Barton and Zach Abend to write the bittersweet song. “They really helped capture the nostalgic, rock ‘n’ roll spirit that inspired the song,” Haley says. “While we wrote it from the perspective of a relationship coming to an end, for us, it’s also about our outlook on our journey in music; we always try to focus on the positivity that can be taken from every situation.” -- CC

Ned LeDoux, “Brother Highway”

Ned LeDoux’s debut single, “Brother Highway,” is about the relationship between the singer and the open road, forged after many journeys and miles spent together. LeDoux sings, “The road and I have been like brothers / From all the miles and time we've spent together / Yeah, we've seen it all / We both seen changes in our time / Busted dreams and detour signs / We keep rolling on.” And no matter what they go through together, the thing that LeDoux -- the son of Chris LeDoux -- needs the most is for the highway to get him home. "Brother Highway" will hit radio on June 11. -- CC

Clare Dunn, “More”

Clare Dunn's "More" is an endearing, high-energy love song about wanting more time and affection with the man she adores. In addition to singing about wanting more of the things she and her love do together (drinking “good red wine in a paper cup” and “Sunday drives with the windows dropped,” for example), Dunn talks about how her love can’t be outdone: “More than my words could ever say it / More than you know, you were worth the wait, and / I couldn’t be more sure / That I couldn’t love you, couldn’t love you / More than I do right in this moment ...” “More” will hit country radio on June 4. The song was written by Dunn, Gordie Sampson and Josh Kear. -- CC

Cash Campbell, “Cannonball”

Cash Campbell’s debut single, “Cannonball,” mixes a tale of classic country love with an insatiable dance beat, creating something one of a kind. In the song, Campbell sings about how the power of love can carry someone through hard times. “While we were in the process of writing “Cannonball,” I had an intense dream that formed the foundation of the lyrics. If everything came crashing down, but you still have the person you love … you can make it," says Campbell in a press release. "For me, the song brings to life a message of how powerful love is, and it’s been really encouraging to hear what it means to fans.” -- CC

Davisson Brothers Band, “Po’ Boyz”

Hailing from the hills of Appalachia, the Davisson Brothers Band bring the same high energy and grit to their latest single, "Po' Boyz," as they do to their live shows. "This is our music. This is our dance," the video for the song begins. "It's just part of the life of the people that are struggling, and they might have nothing else but at the end of the day they did have that, they had the music and the dance." The song is an unabashedly proud celebration of the way that the quartet, consisting of brothers Donnie and Chris Davisson along with Aaron Register and Rus Reppert, grew up with. "Po' Boyz" recently climbed to No. 2 on the Australian country charts. According to a press release, the group as also played a handful of CMC Rocks festival dates in Australia along with Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker and more country stars. -- CL

Jade Eagleson, "Got Your Name on It"

Jade Eagleson's latest single, "Got Your Name on It," gives classic country vibes an upbeat and poppy make-over. In this catchy new song, Eagleson sings a message of love and being ready to commit to the right girl. "Got a little space on the right side of this king-size bed / And there's three little words I ain't never said yet / I'll spell it out in a tattoo on my arm just for you / Right there in plain view so the whole world knows it," Eagleson sings on the second verse. Eagleson is currently at work on his debut album. -- CL

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