Maddie & Tae have a new EP coming in October, but fans won't have to wait until then to hear some of the duo's new music. On Friday (Sept. 6), Maddie Marlow and Tae Die shared "Bathroom Floor," the first new song from the forthcoming Everywhere I'm Goin' EP.

"Bathroom Floor" is an anthem about dusting yourself off after a painful breakup and putting yourself back out there. Marlow and Dye urge listeners, quite literally, to get up off the bathroom floor (presumably, they're sitting they're crying) and head out for a night of fun, which will eventually lead them right back to that same spot -- but because of a wild time, not heartbreak.

"Get up off the bathroom floor / Let's wipe the tears off your cheeks / Put on a dress and get out that door / Girl, the first shot's on me," goes the catchy chorus of "Bathroom Floor." "Let's jump into a cab downtown / Let a sexy man spin you around / Let's show that heart some neon magic / 'Til we're drunk and laughin' / Back on the bathroom floor."

Everywhere I'm Goin' is due out on Oct. 18. In addition to "Bathroom Floor," the EP will feature four other new songs. The third track on the project is a collaboration with Dierks Bentley.

"We are so excited to keep telling our story through this next collection of songs,” says Marlow in a press release. "We are so proud to have co-written all of these songs as well. This project as a whole is super personal, but these five songs in particular take you on an even deeper dive into our lives.”

Adds Dye, “We were absolutely blown away by the reaction to the first part of the album," which the duo released as another EP, One Heart to Another, in April. "Hearing our fans relate to our stories is something that will never get old. We can’t wait to continue to show more of our hearts and journey through this next chapter of music."

A full track listing for Maddie & Tae's Everywhere I'm Goin' EP is below. Marlow and Dye co-wrote all five songs, with co-writers including Josh Thompson, Dave Barnes and Dye's fiance, Josh Kerr.

Maddie & Tae, Everywhere I'm Goin' EP Track List:

1. "Everywhere I’m Goin’” (Maddie Marlow/Taylor Dye/Josh Thompson/Jimmy Robbins)
2. "Trying on Rings” (Maddie Marlow/Taylor Dye/Laura Veltz/Jimmy Robbins)
3. “Lay Here With Me” (feat. Dierks Bentley) (Maddie Marlow/Taylor Dye/Josh Kerr/Dave Barnes)
4. “Ain’t There Yet” (Maddie Marlow/Taylor Dye/Dave Barnes/Ben West)
5. “Bathroom Floor” (Maddie Marlow/Taylor Dye/Josh Kerr)

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