Luke Bryan's upcoming record, Kill the Lights, will be out in August, and although he's stayed pretty quiet about many of the details of the project, Bryan has revealed the track listing — and one very exciting collaboration.

Kill the Lights features 13 songs, all of which were produced by Jeff and Jody Stevens. Bryan co-wrote six of the songs, including the title track, and tapped some of Nashville's biggest songwriters — Luke Laird, Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, Rodney Clawson, Rhett Atkins, Shane McAnally and Hillary Lindsey, among others — to help pen the record's tunes. The big collaboration that Bryan hinted at previously comes on "Home Alone Tonight;" the song features Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild.

“I’m loving where I’m at with this album,” Bryan says. “It’s got new sounds, stuff that I haven’t done, but it’s also got some really, really country stuff on it, too, that kind of solidifies what I’m about and what I love. So I feel like I covered all my bases.”

If fans purchase Bryan's record at Target stores or, they will receive an exclusive deluxe edition of Kill the Lights that features three bonus tracks, all of which Bryan co-wrote. Pre-orders are available now on Target's website.

Bryan released the album's first single, "Kick the Dust Up," in mid-May. He also played another of the record's tracks, "Fast," at his annual fan club party at the 2015 CMA Music Festival.

Kill the Lights is slated for release on Aug. 7. A complete track listing is available below.

Bryan is currently out on his 2015 Kick the Dust Up Tour, which runs through the end of October. He's also announced Farm Tour dates in late September and early October.

Luke Bryan, Kill the Lights Track Listing:

1.  "Kick the Dust Up"
2.  "Kill the Lights"
3. "Strip It Down"
4.  "Home Alone Tonight"
5.  "Razor Blade"
6.  "Fast"
7.  "Move"
8.  "Just Over"
9.  "Love It Gone"
10. "Way Way Back"
11. "To the Moon and Back"
12. "Huntin,’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day"
13.  "Scarecrows"

Target Exclusive Tracks:

14. "Corner Booth"
15. "Little Boys Grow Up and Dogs Get Old"
16. "Buddies"

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