Lukas Nelson & P.O.T.R. have kicked off the 2014 awards season on a high note. The group won the prestigious Bruce Corwin Award at the 29th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Feb. 9 for the score they wrote for the film 'Satellite Beach,' starring brothers Luke and Andrew Wilson.

"Luke Wilson and I are great friends," Nelson explains. "He's a huge music fan and a great guy to boot. Working on 'Satellite Beach' was the first professional collaboration we've had. It was the first time the band and I had done any film scoring, but we were presented with some incredible footage of the space shuttle, so the music just seemed to pour out."

The music got high praise from Luke Wilson.

"To me, music is a character in movies," he notes. "[The songs] are great. Ethereal. And wistful and upbeat. And they take 'Satellite Beach' home. And now when I watch it -- it's my favorite part of the movie. What these four players built out of nothing to help an idea along. So if you get the chance, watch 'Satellite Beach.' And listen to the band. And if you're lucky -- they'll be at a town near you sometime soon and you can see them in person. They make it happen."

'Satellite Beach,' which won an award for Best Live Action Short Film Under 30 Minutes, was recorded at producer John Avila's home studio.

"Together with John, we were able to score a beautiful film, and I am happy to say the process was relaxed and creative," Nelson says. "There is nothing better than working with good friends."

Nelson, who is the son of Willie Nelson, is working on a new project with his band, which he says is a lot more upbeat than their 2012 record, 'Wasted.'

“This record is a lot more positive and reflective than the last,” he notes. “‘Wasted’ was a snapshot of this darker place I was in. This new album is me having emerged from that place and finding balance again in my life and really connecting with my band.”

The group is spending most of the next few months on the road, including shows in Arkansas, Kansas and New Orleans this week. See all of their upcoming shows here.