On her debut album Young, Dumb and in Love, breakout singer-songwriter liv. has assembled a Voltron of Americana's most exciting artists. liv., who hails from the Hudson Valley, worked with Van Plating to produce the album, which processes the five stages of grief after a breakup.

The record includes guest performances from Will Payne Harrison, Adeem the Artist, Nathan Kalish, and Van Plating herself. Mya Byrne joins live on guitar in her latest single, "Red Hoodie," which The Boot is excited to exclusively premiere today (Oct 13).

The song is autobiographical — though not based on liv.'s experience. She found inspiration from her college roommate's experience navigating a sudden breakup. One minute he was all smiles and jokes, then left liv's friend behind to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Before their sudden split, the roommate ordered her boyfriend a custom hoodie as a Christmas present, leaving her unsure what to do if she couldn't cancel the order.

Van Plating added her signature touch of Americana-meets-heavy-rock by adding a twin fiddle track to the song, while Byrne's swooning guitar rounds out the song's sticky-sweet sadness.

"As time went on, and as I reflected on experiences of my own, I realized that the red hoodie also served as a symbol of giving more, caring more, and of loving more," explains liv. "I think everyone has felt that way at one point or another."

Get an exclusive first listen to "Red Hoodie" below:

You can learn more about liv. by visiting her official website and by following her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

liv., Young, Dumb and in Love Track List:

1. "Young, Dumb, and in Love"
2. "Lemon"
3. "The Mistake"
4. "Red Hoodie"
5. "Ghost"
6. "Hey You"
7. "If You Wanted To"
8. "Big Red Moon"

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