Once fans listen to LeAnn Rimes' upcoming disc 'Spitfire,' there won't be any doubt in their minds where the 29-year-old singer stands on her highly-publicized marriage to Eddie Cibrian, the transgressions that led to said relationship and dealing with the public backlash.

LeAnn and record producer/songwriter Darrell Brown treated friends, family, music executives and The Boot to a live preview of 'Spitfire,' held in an intimate studio at the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, Calif., where she and her band of musicians recorded 10 of the 15 tracks expected to appear on the album. Darrell, who played emcee for the evening in between producing duties, described it as "an experiment of love and music."

In one way or another, the theme that runs throughout 'Spitfire' is love, including the good, the bad and the ugly, and LeAnn is coming clean about everything.

"If I didn't live it, I didn't write it," she explained to the small audience, which included her own parents as well as Eddie's. "Somewhere in this you'll find a storyline."

Tracks like 'Waste Is a Terrible Thing to Mind' and 'Borrowed' seem to dig deep into the early days of LeAnn's relationship with Eddie, as well as her divorce from Dean Sheremet, while the uptempto title track, 'Spitfire, addresses the endless rumors she's had to endure as a result.

"It's really bitchy and it's so me," she says of 'Spitfire.' "We could dedicate this to so many people. You can probably figure it out once you hear the song."

But the album isn't purely defensive, with the whimsical track 'Just a Girl' extending something of a musical olive branch. LeAnn explained it was the last song she wrote for 'Spitfire,' inspired by empathy she started to feel towards her husband's ex, despite their once-public battle.

Only one cover is included on the disc. 'Where I Stood,' was originally recorded by Australian singer Missy Higgins but LeAnn puts her own, gorgeous spin on it as a soaring ballad. The Texas native has one sharp memory, noting that a friend first played the tune for her exactly three years ago the day before, while she was going through her divorce. "I couldn't have written it any better," she says.

A release date for 'Spitfire' is expected to be set for later this year. The collection marks LeAnn's last contractually-obligated album for Curb Records, the label that signed her at the tender age of 11 years old.

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