When LeAnn Rimes called in recently to talk with the deejays on Detroit's WYCD radio, the Grammy-nominated singer got personal ... very personal. She talked about controversy surrounding her fake engagement announcement, her real engagement, pesky pregnancy rumors, being a step-mom and why she tweets so much.

"I travel a lot, and I'm always sitting in airports, sitting on an airplane," the singer explained of her Twitter habits. "I'm sitting a lot and don't have a lot to do, so I'm able to keep up with my fans and friends through Twitter. It's so easy. I try to talk to people when I can and say thank you. It makes a lot of people's day."

But no matter how active she is on Twitter, LeAnn insists she did not use the social networking site to announce something as precious as her engagement to actor Eddie Cibrian.

"We didn't!" LeAnn laughed, correcting the Detroit deejay who thought she'd tweeted her happy news. "People magazine was the first to report it. And then people were saying on twitter to me, 'Congratulations!' And people were saying, 'What are you saying congratulations to?' So I said, 'For those of you who haven't read, this is what's going on.'"

So what about the fake Twitter post (with photo) last fall, implying they were engaged?

"We were making fun of the whole tabloid thing, because people were saying we were engaged a million times, and I had already had three babies," she explained. "So I was at a Universal City Walk here in L.A. I was doing a private show at Halloween, and they had this cart that said 'White Chapel Lunatic' on the front of it. I was like, 'Oh, what a perfect place, you should just take a picture like you're asking me to marry you in front of this thing' ... And everybody thought like for sure, he asked me there. I mean, if he had asked me there, I would have definitely said no ... in front of the White Chapel Lunatic sign? I mean, think about it!"

It was noted that after the big engagement announcement, the pregnancy rumors started flying. "Well because you can't get engaged because you're in love, you have to get engaged because we're pregnant," LeAnn theorized, tongue-in-cheek.

LeAnn does say kids are "maybe in the near future." No matter when the time comes, she feels she'll be well prepared, thanks to the practice she's getting now with Eddie's 3-year-old and 7-year-old sons.

"It's crazy, I didn't get to go through the baby stage," she said of helping raise her future step-sons. "I love kids. I just never had them living in the house. Now I have these two boys running around. They're fun. They're a blast, but we definitely do not get a break when they're around. They're boys. They're rough with each other. I feel like I'm playing referee all the time!"

On the subject of working with her fiancé again on another movie or television project (the two met on the set of Lifetime's 'Northern Lights'), the songbird responded with mixed emotions.

"Maybe. I would love to, but it's kind of awkward when you really know someone," she said. "It's even harder to work with someone on an acting level. We did a photo shoot the other day together, and I was dying laughing every time we were trying to be sexy with each other."

World traveler LeAnn will most certainly have trouble finding time to plan her wedding, even though her touring schedule might be put off for a bit. "My schedule's actually not laid out at the moment for this year," she admitted. "We might not even be touring until the end of the year. We'll see.

"I'm filming a movie in Toronto in April. Hopefully I'm working on another film right after that. Then I have two albums coming out. I'm finishing one, I've already finished the other: 'Lady and Gentlemen,' which will be out in the spring. And the other album will be ready by the end of the year, and that's all my own [songs].