LeAnn Rimes' lawyer has granted an extension to the California high school teacher whom the songstress is suing for recording a telephone conversation without her consent. RadarOnline.com reports that Kimberly Smiley is having trouble acquiring funds needed to hire her defense.

"We are just an average family trying to make ends meet each month," she told the website. "We are faced with a lawsuit from a high priced powerful Beverly Hills attorney and trying to find an attorney has been hard."

LeAnn says she contacted the woman in order to convince her to stop posting negative comments online. Since the mother of five recorded the call in her residence, she is using her homeowner's insurance to fund her defense.

"Financially with deductibles, the inevitable rate increase, and travel expenses this lawsuit will cause great financial strain," Smiley explains. "This is no big deal to LeAnn, who has gotten the attention she wants, but to us this is stressful and embarrassing. We didn't want the attention. Now we plan to fight back and try to recoup our money and our reputations. Her publicity stunt won't be looked kindly on by the legal system."

However, LeAnn has pledged to donate any financial award obtained through this suit to the Trevor Project, a leading resource for anti-bullying initiatives, providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. The organization was formed following the release of the film, "Trevor," in which a teenage boy attempts to kill himself after being taunted for being attracted to another boy in school.

Read the full RadarOnline.com story here.

Watch a Report on LeAnn's Lawsuit

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