While LeAnn Rimes remains in a treatment facility for stress and anxiety, the singer-songwriter's attorneys are in the midst of suing two women for more than $25,000. The suit alleges that Kimberly Smiley and her daughter Lexi illegally recorded a phone conversation with the star without her consent, which is against the law in California, where both parties reside. If LeAnn wins the case and is awarded any damages, she plans to donate the money to charity.

"LeAnn had always planned on giving any proceeds from the pending lawsuits to the Trevor Project," a rep for the singer confirmed to Celebuzz. "This is a cause she has always been passionate about."

The Trevor Project is a leading resource for anti-bullying initiatives, providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. The organization was formed following the release of the film, "Trevor," in which a teenage boy kills himself after being taunted for being attracted to another boy in school.

LeAnn claims that she called Kimberly and Lexi Smiley in order to convince them not post negative comments about her online. Then, according to the singer, the pair recorded and posted a portion of the conversation online without asking her.

LeAnn's lawyers have a lot of work on their hands, as RadarOnline.com points out that if the lawsuit goes to trial, the singer's personal medical history could be called into question.

"If LeAnn is suing Kimberly then she becomes an open book and her medical history can be relevant and admissible in court," Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Dana Cole told the website. "So if she claims that Kimberly is causing her emotional distress, her lawyers can say, 'No, we want to look at your medical records because you could have been suffering anxiety for a lot of things before, which caused you to enter a rehab or a mental health institution.' Your entire medical file becomes an open book when you choose to sue."

Find out more about the Trevor Project here.

See LeAnn Talk About the Trevor Project

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