She's lived in Mississippi, Texas, Nashville and Los Angeles, and LeAnn Rimes has also called Chicago home. The singer, along with her husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, recently purchased a condo in the Windy City, which will be featured on the brand-new HGTV series, 'Interiors, Inc.'

As part of the show, high-end interior designer Jonathan Pierce, who also helped design two of the 29-year-old's other homes, will show viewers how he furnishes the couple's new place.

"We started talking and [LeAnn] said, 'I need you to help me do this place in Chicago -- I just need it for a few months,'" Jonathan recalls to the Chicago Tribune. "I said, 'No problem. Will you [appear] on my show?' She was like, 'Done.'"

Jonathan shopped at Nordstrom Rack, Barneys New York and West Elm, as well as at Golden Triangle, where LeAnn joined him in picking out several items.

"She wanted it to feel like the homes she has lived in, but more metropolitan," he notes. "She has this beautiful taste in Tibetan antiques and modern paintings. She has a very eclectic love of European design. I kept the palette I worked with her on in her other homes and edged it up. I made it feel cozy and warm for the Chicago winters."

While the condo turned out to be beautiful, the newlyweds didn't get much time to enjoy their new dwelling. The couple moved to Chicago so Eddie could star in the new NBC show, 'Playboy Club,' but the series was canceled after only a few episodes, and they returned to their Los Angeles residence.

The singer isn't able to enjoy her southern California home this week, either. She's in Nashville for a closed-door meeting with her label, Curb Records, playing the staff tunes from her upcoming album. "I could not have made a better record at this time in my life," LeAnn tweeted Wednesday. "It's like making a film. I'm proud."

She's also scheduled a handful of shows in the next several months, including stops in Texas, Nevada and Arizona. See a list of her upcoming concerts here.

LeAnn and Eddie's episode of 'Interiors, Inc.' will air this Saturday, Jan. 28, at 9:30 PM ET. Other celebrities appearing on the show include Danny Gokey, Paramore guitarist Taylor York, and the band Lucy Angel.

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