Happy birthday to LeAnn Rimes! The songstress, who turns 30 today (August 28), says she is thrilled to embrace a new decade.

"I've been ready to leave my 20s behind," she tells People magazine. "I had so many amazing things happen in my 20s, and I also had a lot of hard lessons to learn. I have been truly excited about turning 30. I'm ready to be stronger than ever. It's a new chapter."

The wife of actor Eddie Cibrian had an early celebration with close family and friends over the weekend, complete with a birthday cake that had a unique topper: a miniature LeAnn clad in one of her famous bikinis, standing on top of a coffin.

"It's funny that people have this obsession with me in a bikini," she says. "I'm on the beach. What am I supposed to wear?" But, while the two-piece suits may be practical, the multi-platinum selling singer adds there's another, more personal reason why she chooses to bare (almost) all while soaking up the sun.

"I grew up with chronic psoriasis my whole life and the last six years is the first time I've actually been super healthy: my skin is clear, I'm taking care of myself," explains LeAnn, "and since I'm turning 30, between psoriasis and my [bottom] sagging, I only have a few more years to do it so I might as well wear one."

The singer-songwriter also received a little bling from her adoring spouse in honor of her big day -- a rose gold and diamond Cartier "Love" bracelet. "I've always wanted one. I cried so hard when he gave it to me," she reveals. "He's always so thoughtful."

LeAnn is gearing up for the release of her latest album, Spitfire, and a subsequent fall tour. See a list of her concert dates here.

Watch LeAnn's Bikini B'day Bash Video

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