The Last Bandoleros have released a swinging new single, "Dancing With Irene." Readers can press play above to listen to the throwback, honky-tonk sound, infused with the trademark Mexicali-country-rock sound that the Last Bandoleros are known for.

Made up of brothers Diego and Emilio Navaira, as well as Jerry Fuentes and Derek James, the band made a name for itself touring with big acts, such as Sting, before launching their own headlining tour in 2017. "Dancing With Irene" is a nod to the temptation that gets to all of us once in awhile.

"Irene is your weakness. We all like to go out and drink, and every time you do it, there's this thing looming over your head, where you can have too much to drink and get in trouble," Emilio Navaira tells Rolling Stone. "So Irene is that thing you have to be careful about, but you still can't stop going back to."

The lyrics to the raucous song spell out the trouble to come: "Since you came along, I've been lost in a fog / Don't be so mean, Irene," they begin.

"Drown all my fears / Waste all my years / Only you know what I've seen / Irene ..." they continue into the chorus. "... I know how it ends / Red and blue are on the scene, Irene."

The Last Bandoleros released their debut EP in September of 2016 and have been building a strong fanbase ever since as they have toured the U.S. For more information about their tour dates and new music, visit the band's website.

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