Rising country stair and 2019 American Idol winner Laine Hardy has just released his new feel-good single, “Memorize You.” The grooving summer jam is available everywhere.

"Let's go!” Hardy says of the new song. “I've been so excited to get this out since the moment I heard the mix. I've been asking and asking when we could put it out. Well, it's here and it's time to hit the road to play it for the fans."

The upbeat love song was written by Michael Tyler, Eric Arjes and Steven Dale Jones, and produced by Michael Knox. In addition to the vibey country track, the music video for "Memorize You" has also been released; the Gulf Coast beach setting is the perfect backdrop for a song about new love, the kind that makes you want to know everything about someone.

Between scenes of Hardy singing, ripping the electric guitar up onstage at Panama City Beach’s legendary Ms. Newby’s and strumming an acoustic by the water, you’ll see a couple at the beginning of a summer love story.

The Louisiana-born singer shared behind the scenes clips from the oceanside video shoot:

Hardy's 2020 music releases include his single “Tiny Town” and the tracks “Ground I Grew Up On,” “Let There Be Country” and “Other LA.”

Laine Hardy, "Memorize You" Lyrics:

Yeah, I know we just met / But you’ve been in my head like a song since last night / Got your name at the bar, where you’re from, who you are / But what’s on my mind is everything I don’t know and everything I want to / Just give me some time with your smile, baby / I wanna memorize you ...


I wanna know your heart by heart and your kiss by kiss / Wanna know what it was like everyday before me / What’s your story, baby? / Every single line / What makes you laugh, makes you dance, makes you fall like only love can do / Give me some time with your smile, baby / I wanna memorize you ...

Is it Crown, is it 'shine, on a weekend night that gets ya spinning around? / Is it a back-porch buzz or a cab loaded up and headed downtown? / Girl, I wanna know the lens you’re lookin' through / Just give me some time with your smile, baby / I wanna memorize you ...

Repeat Chorus

I wanna memorize you / Girl, I wanna memorize, memorize you ...

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