Lady Antebellum offer a sweet glimpse into life at home in their newest song, "What I'm Leaving For," off of their forthcoming album, Ocean. In keeping with the project's themes of vulnerability and honest, reflective delivery, the new track mulls over the difficult balance of keeping family together, despite maintaining a busy touring career. Press play above to listen!

"On that last turn home I can hardly wait / To drop my bags and kiss your face / All I can do is stop and take a look at our little paradise," bandmates Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott sing on the song's harmony-laden second verse. The song's accompanying video shares a compilation of home movies featuring all three group member's children. Together, song and video offer listeners a poignant visual of exactly what it is the band is missing while they're out on the road.

"I wore out the demo for this song," the group's Dave Haywood notes in a press release. "I immediately related to it. It's so hard stepping away from your family the way we do, and that song is such a great, beautiful way of articulating what we're out here doing this for -- our families, and those that we love, and the fans that love us, too. This song is a beautiful picture of the push and pull of that journey."

Before "What I'm Leaving For" came out, Scott explained that the song's reflection on parenting is an important part of Ocean. "[It's] a song about our kids, and it's a song we didn't write, but I wish we had," she said. "Even though we didn't write it, it feels so personal that I'm excited for everyone to hear it."

"What I'm Leaving For" was written by Sam Ellis, Micah Premnath and Laura Veltz. It will be Ocean's fifth track. The new album is due out on Nov. 15.

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