As Lady Antebellum start sharing new music from their forthcoming project, Ocean -- such as the album's title track and its emotional music video -- it's clear that the group plans to delve into some deeply personal territory this time around. The three bandmates agree that the rawness of the music they've already shared is just the beginning.

"You've gotten a little taste already, with "Ocean." There's several songs like that, that really bare it all," Lady A's Charles Kelley explains to The Boot and other outlets. "That's the most vulnerable I've ever seen [singer] Hillary [Scott] in a studio. She had to stop several times, not just in the video -- she really did that in the studio, crying, and we tried to capture that on that take."

Scott adds that in writing for the project, all three members tapped into the ups and downs of their personal lives. "We all go through seasons, I think, where we're more introspective, and then there's seasons of just celebrating and living in the moment," she relates. "For me, I got married, with three children, into my 30s, and then I'm like, 'Okay, I've gotta figure some stuff out. And figure out who these little girls are hopefully gonna become, that I'm raising in my house.' So we wrote really honest, and the songs that we found were all really honest."

All three members of Lady A have children, and their experience of parenting will be a part of the new record. "There's a song about our kids, and it's a song we didn't write but I wish we had, and it's called "What I'm Leaving For,"" Scott goes on to say. "Even though we didn't write it, it feels so personal that I'm excited for everyone to hear it."

Kelley says that other songs detail personal issues he's wrestled with, too: "There's a song called "Be Patient With My Love" where I'm talking about a lot of my struggles as well," he offers.

"I think that's a big part of this record, is just saying, 'Hey, man, let's own our own crap, and put it out there,'" Kelley adds. "There's some lighthearted stuff on the record too, but for the most part, it's a very honest record."

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