There's no relationship as sweet as that between a father and a daughter. In her new tune, Krystal Keith tackles the emotions a dad goes through in giving his little girl away in marriage. The songstress co-wrote "Daddy Dance With Me" with Mica Roberts and Sonya Rutledge in tribute to her own father, Toby Keith, and first played it for him during a rather sentimental moment.

"I wrote it for my father-daughter dance at my own wedding," Krystal explains. "Of course, I was the bride in the song, but it's a theme that applies to all weddings. We shot the video at a beautiful church in Los Angeles, and I'm really excited for the song to get out there."

For the clip, Krystal only performs the song, while photographs and video of an actual wedding tell another family's story. "It was an amazing experience," says the singer. "I got to work with director Mike Salomon, who I've known forever because he's done a lot of my father's videos."

The tune appears on Krystal's self-titled, four-song EP, which hit stores today (April 16). It will also be featured on her debut album, Whiskey & Lace, out later this year.

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