Toby Keith's daughter Krystal may have grown up connected to the celebrity world with a rich and famous dad, but she says things around the Keith house in Oklahoma were actually as normal as could be. In fact, Krystal says most of the time her dad was so diligent about making time for his kids that they never even knew when he was away on tour.

"My dad made sure that we didn't notice when he was gone," Krystal tells California country radio station K-FROG. "He would always make time for us and was always there when we needed him. We never missed out on "Tickle Time" with him. That was our special thing. I can't recall a time when he wasn't there."

Though her dad racked up plenty of chart-topping hits and awards during the years she was growing up, Krystal says she didn't really get any flack from fellow students about her famous father being on the radio. "Most of the kids did not know that my father was Toby Keith, and even if they did, they would not make such a big deal out of it because going to school in Oklahoma was not like going to school in Nashville where everyone wants to meet someone famous."

Krystal is following in Dad's footsteps and has been busy working on her upcoming debut album, which will come out on Toby's Show Dog-Universal record label. The project will be produced by Toby and Mark Wright, and it won't be the first time the two have worked together professionally. The brunette beauty actually teamed up with her father in 2004 to cut a remake of the tune "Mockingbird" for Toby's "Greatest Hits 2" CD. It charted in the Top 30 on the Billboard country songs chart.

Krystal describes her music as country infused with blues, and says she's very ladylike but with some rough edges. Her debut CD will reportedly showcase some of that unflinching, sometimes unfiltered honesty that she likely inherited from her dad. And since Toby keeps expanding his restaurant/nightclub empire, his daughter will likely have some built-in places to get booked as she begins to launch her career. In fact, Krystal performed at the recent opening of Toby's I Love This Bar & Grill in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., last Friday to a packed house.

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