Krystal Keith recently released her self-titled EP, while she continues to work on her first full-length album, titled Whiskey & Lace. The daughter of Toby Keith says the song she wrote for him, "Daddy, Dance With Me," as a surprise on her wedding day, became the inspiration for sharing the four songs on the collection with her fans before the album is completed.

"'Daddy, Dance With Me' got a lot of interest," Krystal tells The Boot. "My dad had talked about it, and I had talked to a lot of people who had listened to it. Some people in the industry had gotten a preview of it and it caught a buzz that we weren't really expecting. We started talking about it and everyone said, 'Please tell me that's going to be out by wedding season.'"

Ultimately, it was encouragement from producer Mark Wright, who along with Toby heads up their label, Show Dog-Universal (which includes Krystal on their roster), that resulted in the EP's early release.

"Mark's daughter got married about a year after I got married," Krystal explains. "We just recorded a rough version with a full track on it, and his daughter wanted to dance with him to that song, so she's the second person who got to dance with that song. The reaction Mark got from that, and her daughter got from that at her wedding sparked an interest in Mark, and it sort of spread like wildfire. We decided to get it out for Father's Day and wedding season. Since people have been asking for music for so long, and it's a long wait, let's just give them a little sampling of what's to come, like a little teaser."

The Oklahoma native hopes the new tunes illustrate her own eclectic style of music. "We picked songs that gave a broader range of what I can do ... and I think we accomplished it," she notes of the upcoming album. "I've had some people say, 'Wow, the range of songs that are on there is pretty cool. They aren't all the same.' There are songs on the album that are completely different from what's on the EP. There's blues and rock on the album. It's not all the same. I think people will be pleasantly surprised that there's still more to come."

Toby wrote or co-wrote three of the four songs on the EP, and has one more song that will appear on Whiskey & Lace, with Krystal penning three tunes, including the title track and "Daddy, Dance With Me." Whiskey & Lace will hit shelves later this year, with a single from the album expected to be released by the end of summer.