Krystal Keith has just released the poignant new single, 'Daddy, Dance With Me,' from her self-titled debut EP. The song, written as a surprise for her dad, country superstar Toby Keith, so that the pair could dance to it on her wedding day, left everyone at the reception in tears -- except for her famous father.

"He did not cry," Krystal tells The Boot. "We had 65 people in Cabo [for the wedding], and every single person was completely bawling. He walked off and my husband said, 'That didn't even get you a little bit? You didn't cry at all?' He said, 'I almost shed a tear, but I'm a professional.' He's in control of his emotions."

While Toby managed to keep his feelings under wraps, Krystal reveals her dad was completely taken aback by the sweet song. "He was shocked that I pulled it off," she explains. "You can't pull anything over on him. Every surprise party, every time we try to pull a prank on him -- I challenge somebody to prank him because you just can't do it. So the fact that I kind of pulled one over on him surprised him."

Krystal currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband, who works in the energy industry, "It's fabulous," she gushes about married life. "We've been together nine years, so almost a decade. I met him my first month of freshman year of college. He moved here for college, he was going to OU. He grew up about 30 minutes north of my hometown, Norman, until he was 13, and then he came back to Oklahoma for college."

Krystal's EP, which contains three additional songs, is available now. Her album, 'Whiskey & Lace,' will be released later this year.