Toby Keith promised his three children he would help them follow in his musical foosteps, if they finished college first. Now his oldest daughter, Krystal, is ready to cash in on the deal. The 25-year old recently started working on her debut CD, with her proud father at the helm.

"She sang all her life, of course. But getting in the studio, she was a little anxious," Toby told CMT, after wrapping up the first recording session. "She sang her butt off today."

Krystal first captured the attention of country fans more than six years ago, when she recorded a duet of the classic hit, 'Mockingbird,' with her dad. The tune showed up on his multi-platinum-selling CD, 'Greatest Hits 2,' and they also performed it live on the 2004 CMA Awards telecast. But spending time together in the studio was a first for the pair. "I've never worked in the studio with her very much," he admits. "When we did 'Mockingbird,' I wasn't there when she laid her vocals down."

While the two haven't released many details on the upcoming project, Toby makes it clear he's not letting her off easy just because they share a last name. "Unfairly, I'm probably a little harder on her," he acknowledges. "But the other artists came in and I said, 'I won't step in too much until you guys ask me to.' And with her it's like she wants me to take the lead on it."

Toby, who is currently nominated for an Academy of Country Music award for Entertainer of the Year, will have to squeeze studio time in between his touring schedule. He will play shows in Connecticut and New York next week, before heading across the Canadian border for a handful of concerts. Check out his schedule here.