Koe Wetzel's losing his mind in his new song "Sundy or Mundy," but in its accompanying music video, he's losing (well, ditching) a dead body. Readers can press play above to hear the track and see the mysterious story play out.

Wetzel stars as himself in his new video, showing up at his grandfather's house to help with some sort of chore. That's the singer's real-life grandpa asking his grandson for assistance with what turns out to be a corpse, hidden in a chest freezer. Viewers know it's something shocking based on their facial expressions when they open the lid, but don't find out exactly what's inside until Wetzel's way out on a lake, ready to do the deed.

That delirious feeling that comes with immersing yourself in something so completely -- like a recording session, in Wetzel's case -- inspired "Sundy or Mundy," which Wetzel co-wrote with Taylor Kimball. "When you’re sitting there in the studio, you can forget what day it is," the artist explains, though the song's lyrics turn the idea toward the depressing and find that same feeling in something more universal: a floundering relationship.

"You don’t like anything / You sit and laugh at every word I say," Wetzel sings to open the song, adding later, "Flash the teeth and make it seem / Like everything is doin' just fine ... I can’t find a single reason why / The days I seem to love you come and go."

"It’s got a gritty and heavy sound, but the choruses go down smooth and steady," Wetzel notes.

"Sundy or Mundy" is Wetzel's first release since inking a deal with Columbia Records. The Texas star's next album will be his third, following 2017's Noise Complaint and 2019's Harold Saul High. Earlier this year, he dropped a grungy new song titled "Kuntry & Wistern."

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