Kelsey Waldon's "Kentucky, 1988" music video takes her back to her hometown of Monkey's Eyebrow, Ky. Readers can watch the new clip above.

The S-10 Chevrolet, the Ohio River, the arrowhead in the dirt and the farmland and dove-hunting fields Waldon mentions throughout the verses of "Kentucky, 1988" all make appearances in the new video, which was directed by Joshua Britt and Neilson Hubbard. "This is my DNA / No matter how far I get away / There's just some things that will never change / Kentucky, 1988," Waldon sings from the middle of a rural, two-lane road.

Fans will also see various photos of the singer-songwriter and her parents from her childhood. “They are just as troubled and beautiful as the rest of us. I wouldn’t be the way I am now without them, even with the terrible things,” Waldon tells Rolling Stone of her family.

“I have a perspective now," she adds, "and it takes a really mature person to have forgiveness, to say you love somebody even if they don’t say they are sorry. For better or worse, this is my stock.”

"Kentucky, 1988," comes from Waldon's acclaimed third studio album, 2019's White Noise / White Lines, released via Oh Boy Records. That same year, Waldon became the first new artist signed to the label, owned and anchored by the late John Prine, in 15 years.

“John is actually one of my heroes," Waldon told The Boot around the time of her record's release. "He has meant so much to me in my career, and my standard for writing songs, kind of who I wanted to be as an artist -- I mean, John is a huge part of that.”

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