Keith Urban and his co-star Pink find themselves lost at sea in the dreamy new music video for their duet "One Too Many." The beachside clip plays on the dazzling natural beauty of the ocean backdrop, while underscoring the loneliness and isolation that courses through the song's lyrics.

The clip begins with shots of various wreckage bobbing along the surface of the water, including a guitar, a telephone, sheet music and other items. Soon, we see that those aren't the only things stranded at sea: Urban is also out on the water, using a bobbing sofa as a life raft as he floats along.

Meanwhile, back on shore, Pink sits alone on the beach as she looks out to sea. The pair harmonize as they head into the chorus, each singing out towards each other even though they're not physically in the same spot.

Urban and Pink aren't the only castaways though — we see shots of other couches and items of furniture floating along the waves. Some have couples riding them: Either cozied up, fighting or something in between. Some people are riding solo through the ocean, while others share their sofas with a couple of good friends.

The "One Too Many" video comes just days after Urban and Pink premiered the live version of the song at the 2020 ACM Awards. It was a full-band performance, and one that came during a busy night for Urban, as he also hosted the awards show and appeared during Mickey Guyton's chilling performance of "What Are You Gonna Tell Her?" to accompany her on piano.

"One Too Many" comes off of Urban's new album, The Speed of Now Part 1, which dropped on Sept. 18. It is one of several collaborations on the project, which also features "Out of the Cage" with country rapper Breland and guitarist Nile Rodgers, as well as a version of "We Were" that features Eric Church, who co-wrote the song.

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