Kassi Ashton's latest single, "Violins," is a hard-charging, foot-stomping message of independence, a tell-off to an unfaithful lover and the crocodile tears they shed in an attempt to win her back. Press play above to hear the full song.

Co-written by Ashton and songwriters Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby, "Violins" began with some inspiration from Ashton's real-life romantic past. "We got on the subject of my exes and how all of them had been unfaithful to me," Ashton recalls in a press release. "We were discussing the steps of getting over it and how they usually all come running back, whining, begging for a second chance.

"That's when I rolled my eyes, raised two fingers to my ear and mimicked what my dad used to call the 'world's smallest violin' to accompany their take-me-back tears," she continues. From there, the song emerged naturally, bolstered by the writers' unique skill sets.

"It was Natalie's idea to call it "Violins," and Luke brought the funk," Ashton says. "I just had to bring the attitude and the experience."

In keeping with the strings-heavy theme, the up-and-coming country singer released an accompanying new music, filled with all the high drama of a high school relationship. In the clip, Ashton rolls her eyes at the advances of an unfaithful boyfriend who tries to right his wrongs with a mixtape full of love songs, opting instead to dance it out alongside a marching band.

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