Kacey Musgraves' sophomore album, Pageant Material, has debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

Musgraves co-wrote all of the songs on the album except for its hidden track, a duet with Willie Nelson on his song "Are You Sure?" The singer-songwriter says that the record is a snapshot into her own life.

“I didn’t really have any intentions going in, except for just wanting to write good songs, country songs,” Musgraves explains of her latest project. “All my songs are inspired by what’s going on in my world and in my life.”

Musgraves even included her late grandmother in the introduction to one song, "This Town." She says that much of the record was inspired by her upbringing.

“I love that I’m from a small town,” Musgraves tells Billboard. “I grew up with, like, 80 kids in my graduating class, and we knew each other’s first and last names and where we lived. There’s something to being held accountable in a small town. If you’re mean, people are gonna find out about it.”

Pageant Material also includes Musgraves' most recent single, "Biscuits," as well as a song called "Good Ol' Boys Club" that is generating plenty of buzz.

“It’s about not wanting to be part of anybody’s club, anybody’s big machine,” Musgraves explains. “Just wanting to go your own way and make a name for yourself. Being a self-made man or woman in whatever world or industry you live or work in. To me, it’s a universal message in that way.”

The 26-year-old will kick off her Kacey Musgraves Country & Western Rhinestone Revue on Aug. 27 in Atlanta, Ga. A full list of dates is available on her website.

Pageant Material is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Kacey Musgraves Talks Pageant Material

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