As a new artist, Kacey Musgraves gets a lot of advice. It's like being a new parent, except your baby is music and it doesn't keep you up at all hours of the night ... unless you want it to. Either way, there's some information you can live without, but every once and while you're grateful you learned something new.

"I've been lucky to get some good advice along the way from different people," Kacey tells The Boot. "Most recently, I joined the Kenny Chesney tour. After our first show with him, as the tour president, he gave me a really nice guitar and a really sweet note that he wrote. When he gave it to me he was like, 'I know things can be overwhelming at times and all this can bring elements of that, but don't let it become anything more than us up here having fun and playing music because that's what we're here for.'"

There's publicity obligations and fan reaction and so much more, but this singer-songwriter is doing her best to take Kenny's advice. "I try to remember that," she says. "There's politics, like with any job, that get involved, but it's all about the music."

Being on tour with the "Pirate Flag" singer is allowing Kacey to see him from a perspective not everyone is so lucky to see. "Kenny is this massive, worldwide star. People come from miles and miles to see him by the thousands. It's pretty insane. He's the most genuine, down-to-earth country boy that you could meet. You can totally tell whenever you meet him that nothing's going to his head. He likes being around real people and you can tell by the crew that he has around and the way they treat him and the way that he treats everybody else that he's just genuine."

Kacey's next stop with Kenny is May 4 in Columbia, S.C. See a list of tour dates here.

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