Having her boots stolen out of her car in early January wasn't Kacey Musgraves' first brush with a thief. During a recent concert, the singer-songwriter shared a snippet of an unreleased song inspired by a sticky-fingered former acquaintance.

"It just so happened that this girl -- when I first moved to Nashville, she stole a bunch of s--t from me and was dumb enough to post all these pictures of herself in my clothes on Facebook," Musgraves told the crowd at her show at Dallas, Texas' Majestic Theatre on Jan. 21. "... Anyway, I caught her. Nothing really happened with it: They issued a warrant, but then they never found her. But I did write a song about it ..."

The tune is called "Five Finger Discount," and readers can hear a small sample of the song by pressing play on the video above. In addition to the chorus -- "You want a five-finger discount / But nothin' in life is free / You better hope that karma ain't a bigger b---h than me ..." -- Musgraves also shared the first verse, which includes a line that, yes, actually did happen.

“I won’t get too awkward here, but I have this matching bra and underwear set. She literally did take the panties from the set and put that on Facebook, too," the artist explains. "Like, what?! Yeah, winner! But, [that's why] the first line of the song is 'I know you stole my panties 'cause I have the matching bra ...'"

Musgraves' Dallas concert kicked off the 2016 leg of her Country & Western Rhinestone Revue, which began in late August. The trek is currently scheduled to wrap up in early March.

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