Justin Moore ls currently crossing the country with Blake Shelton on the superstar's Well Lit & Amplified tour, but while his tour boss is known for his outspoken (and occasionally crass) Twitter remarks, Justin isn't about to follow his example with his own Twitter account.

"It seems like every time I tweet like him, I get in trouble," Justin tells GAC. "So I kind of steer clear of it. I've threatened to not do it ever. But it's weird, because to us we're just normal people. We're still ourselves and we don't realize sometimes that as soon as you put something out there on a public forum, it can be interpreted a thousand different ways -- and that there's thousands of people that look at it, run with it and twist it to be whatever they perceive it to be, even though it's a lot of the time not anywhere close to the truth."

The singer-songwriter, whose most recent album, 'Outlaws Like Me,' soared to the top of the charts, admits he still has a hard time accepting his celebrity status. "It's kinda hard getting used to people knowing you and caring what you have to say," he acknowledges.

Justin's latest single, ''Til My Last Day,' is a tribute to his loyal wife, Kate, who was the inspiration behind the tune. "We've been together nine years, so she's been dealing with me for a long time now," Justin tells The Boot. "She was there before anyone else cared about my music or what I was doing, so that helps. She's very proud of me. I can't say enough about the support she gives me."

In addition to his dates with Blake, Justin is also performing several solo shows over the next few months, including stops in South Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia. Keep track of his tour schedule here.

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