Josh Abbott Band have introduced their sixth studio album, The Highway Kind, with the set's lilting title track. The song celebrates one's journey toward fulfillment instead of focusing on an idealized destination.

Released earlier this month, the tune's twangy temperament and freewheeling lyrical drive should come as no surprise to fans of the country group who last released a full-length effort, Until My Voice Goes Out, in 2017. This time around, however, lead singer Josh Abbott says he's even more centered.

"The Highway Kind is the album I wish we had put out seven years ago," the musician explains. "The lyrics, the melodies, the subtle touches; this album is the very best effort from our group. These songs were brought to life and curated to reflect where my life is now: happy, fulfilled, blessed."

"From love songs to songs about friendship, from ballads to bangers, this album has it all. They're true-life songs," Abbott continues. "I hope people listen to this record and go, 'Man, Josh is in a great place.'"

The singer credits that grounded-ness to his newfound role as a father and a husband, per a press release. While composing The Highway Kind, Abbott and his wife relocated from Austin, Texas, to Nashville, Tenn., to soak in the songwriting scene. The band later gathered at Sonic Ranch studio, near El Paso, Texas, to cut the tracks.

On the collection's first single and album opener, Abbott finds contentment in a life spent predominantly on the road: "I was made for white lines / That go on and on forever / Guys like me don't count the days / We just stack the miles / I've always been the highway kind," he sings.

The Highway Kind is due out on Nov. 13. Pre-orders are available now.

This is the cover art for the Josh Abbott Band's 'The Highway Kind' album.
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Josh Abbott Band, The Highway Kind Tracklist:

1. "The Highway Kind"
2. "Real Damn Good"
3. "Where I Wanna Be"
4. "Settle Me Down"
5. "The Luckiest"
6. "Little More You"
7. "24-7-365"
8. "One More Two Steps"
9. "Women and Wishes"
10. "Old Men and Rain"

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