Following last week's win on NBC's 'The Celebrity Apprentice,' John Rich and the rest of his Backbone team members, Meat Loaf and Lil Jon, took the winner's title for a second week in a row. One thing that may have saved the singer-songwriter and his team may have been the drama plaguing the women's team. The title of the episode was 'The Wrath of NeNe,' and the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star took her wrath out on TV personality Star Jones.

The challenge for both teams was to produce a hair show utilizing Biosilk and Chi products, and they were given the use of two professional stylists and four models. The task was based on good brand messaging, utilizing the line of tools and products, as well as presentation in front of an audience made up mostly of professional stylists and educators. The winning project manager won $40,000 for his charity.

After being named as project manager, NeNe Leakes told Star she was going to "take you down!"

John was exempt from being a project manager, since that was his role during last week's show. It came down to a game of rock, paper, scissors between Lil Jon and Meat Loaf, with Lil Jon winning ... or losing, depending on the viewpoint.

In a strategic move, John suggested calling supermodel Niki Taylor, who was fired from the women's team a few weeks ago, to see if she would help them out as one of their hair models. She agreed to do it, causing tension among the women. Niki also called in a couple of her New York model friends to also take part in Backbone's presentation.

In another move, LaToya Jackson, who was fired during last week's show, met with series creator, Donald Trump, to ask for another chance -- this time, as a member of the men's team. She pleaded her case, and he told her he would give her an answer within 24 hours.

Taking time out from the challenge, John Rich visited with Collin, a patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. While he was there, John also presented a check for $649,900 to a St. Jude representative. He won the money in two tasks as project manager.

John played the role of stage manager during the hair show, with Meat Loaf as the lighting director and Lil Jon as the freestyling MC.

In the boardroom, John was asked why he had the idea to bring in Niki Taylor to be one of the models. He explained the men did not know much about hair, and the "most beautiful and brilliant woman I know is Niki Taylor." The owner of Farouk Systems loved nearly everything about the men's presentation, including the theme of American Cities -- it showed the team was listening. The one negative was they did not showcase the safety of the products. In the end, the men's team won, and as project manager, Lil Jon was awarded $40,000 for his charity of the United Methodist Children's Home.

In a surprising move, Trump decided to bring back LaToya to join the men's team, something the Chairman of the Board has never done in 11 seasons of either incarnation of the show.

In continuing the drama and fueling a spectacle of a feud between NeNe and Star, the timid Playboy model, Hope Dworaczyk, was caught in the middle of the clash between them and was fired.